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can actually SEE the scenes playing out before his or her eyes, scenes rich in details that involve all the human senses. I looked to writers like Janet Frame, Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner, reading and re- reading their seminal works, puzzling over the structure of their stories while  trying to cast my own net as successfully as they had theirs. I woke every morning at dawn and spent five hours at my desk, practicing and practicing. My other writing friends were sending their stories out to be published. I never did. I knew my work was not good enough yet. I had a life goal of writing ten superb essays or stories before I died.


That was all a long, long time ago, tihirty some years ago, when I was in my teens and twenties. I have just now finished my 9th book and have far exceeded my expectations. While I know I am no genius I do believe I have written at least ten competent and at times excellent essays.Thus  I feel the call of other crafts and art forms. Lately paintings have been catching my eye, and the beauty of stained glass. I made this  website so I could experiment with blogging and try to connect with my readers this way. I also made it so I can showcase the new art forms I am learning. Like my books they are are far from perfect, but this is what I best love about them. As an author I am expected to turn out very high quality prose, but as a painter nothing is expected of me, so I can play. The same goes for any other art form I might experiment with. I want to share this play with others and hope that others, in turn, will share their play with me, whether it be in words or in watercolors no matter.


My mandate in life has been "MAKE THINGS." I believe that a life well lived is a life that has dedicated itself to creative construction, a drive I believe we have in our DNA, just as, millions of years ago some homo sapien found a stick and turned it into a tool. When we make things we are connecting ourselves to the whole of our human past while, simultaneously, leaving a trail that can take those who follow it into the mysterious future. I believe we are all artists, every one of us. I made this website to celebrate art, and to start come conversations about who we are, as artists and craftspeople, regardless of the quality of our output.


Thus, I hope to hear from you. I hope to see what it is you are doing. We have so little time. What we make outlasts us, hand prints, foot prints in the soft soil that coats are loamy planet, a kind of language of our lives.

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February 8, 2017

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Years and years ago I started out as a writer, unpublished but passionate about learning the art and craft of storytelling. For me good stories, great stories (or essays) were worlds unto themselves. They cast a spell over the reader who hung suspended in their power to persuade, to imbue, to metamorphisize. Great writing, to me anyway, was cinemagraphic; the reader